Understeer with a Porsche 997 GT3.1

Understeer with a Porsche 997 GT3.1

Porsche 997 GT3 understeer

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Your Question: Can   you tell me the best way to reduce understeer on a 997 GT3. I don’t want   oversteer, nor understeer, just right
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Your   Vehicle: Porsche   997 GT3.1

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  1. Firstly understeer can be largely dialled-out by geometry alone is my opinion. That is using a combination of front and rear cambers and toe-in in conjunction with ride heights and proper set corner weights.
    The final steps of banishing understeer can be done by various methods e.g. widening front track width using 5mm spacers, and shims in the front lateral or track control arms (GT3 / RS / GT2) have 2-piece lower track control arms).

    This can be further address by fixing a thicker rear anti roll bar i.e. The GenII GT2 ~28mm diameter bar giving further adjustability for track used cars. We have success also in using 245mm profile tyres over the 235mm tyres sometimes fitted by Porsche, this you must check.
    In some cases we know of people using 255mm profile tyres, however I cannot give you my experience of this.

    Understeer and oversteer are complete ends of the spectrum. Oversteer for road or track is bad. Mild understeer is good for novices, balanced is what we want. This depends on the tyres, driver technique, geometry. This comes with experience, questioning and a view of the current car setup (this will show up any deficiencies already built into the car). We then incrementally use geometry first to get the 85% result, then tune-in the final 15% based on feedback from yourself. Thanks. Chris

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