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A level of service and care not experienced for many years

Based on a number of recommendations from PCGB 996 forum and other sources, I decided to book my 2002 996.2 Carrera 2 Cab into Center Gravity for a full review of the suspension geometry set up. The car had recently had new Bilstein B6’s all round and many of the suspension components replaced including the “Coffin Arms and Tuning Forks”, but didn’t feel stable at higher speeds and was sitting very high at the front particularly. Chris patiently listened to my back-story and then took the car for a drive, coming back agreeing with everything I said and adding a few other issues that I’d not really noticed. He then set to work on the car. This was early afternoon, but such was his complete and utter dedication to getting the car “Just right” it was around 21:00 that evening before he was satisfied enough to hand the car back to me. Being used to other specialists and garages (not just Porsche) where everything stops at 17:00 regardless / or is rushed to complete within a set time, this attitude came as something of a pleasant surprise. Suffice to say that the car is transformed, riding and handling as good as, and probably better than when it was new. But the real recommendation is not the quality of the work - I kind of expected that from what I’d heard about CG. No , the recommendation is for the sheer dedication and complete and utter passion for their work that Chris and Pete showed that day. I was and still am absolutely blown away by this and will never forget it. The fact that they are so keen to show you what they are doing and make you feel a real part of what’s going on just serves to make the experience all the more personal and special. I shall be going back - and in fact am taking my Range Rover there next month! Truly amazing experience. Thanks so much. Chris Turner


I took my TVR Tuscan s convertible in to see if Center of Gravity could help with my car tram lining and being very unpredictable in the handling stakes.
My local TvR dealer had no remedy, and my wife found the lively handling scary.
Pete at Center of gravity, spent hours configuring the tracking and alignment, but also found the tyres supplied when I bought the car from a dealership found they were designed for a two ton Mercedes and not suitable.
I found Pete very helpfully , and explained things as he progressed in sorting the car, the up shot is that Center of Gravity managed to transform the car so I don’t have any reservations hitting the loud pedal.
I would recommend them as they really know what they are doing, thanks again Pete for transforming my TVR.

Richard Marson

Car Angels

After much frustration with two other companies to do my four wheel alignment for my 987 Boxster S, I went on the hunt to find someone I could trust to set the car up correctly after having fitted all new suspension, as previous companies claimed to be good but car was handling poorly and just wasn't right.

What a breath of fresh air to find Pete & Chris, they know their geometry inside out, they go way beyond expectations in their service delivery, knowledge of cars, suspension and their method of set up is second to none.

To top everything off they are really great people to deal with, basically they've won my business for life and I would never take my car to anyone else.

My Porsche now drives better than if I had purchased a new one and driven it off the forecourt.
These guys take way more care than many main dealers do with alignment, and they are light years ahead of any alignment place I've ever used.
I hasten to add that after Pete had finished his work the car drives way beyond my expectations of what was possible...its an absolute dream.
Their level of detail and attention to everything comes through in all aspects of the geometry and alignment process.
They really are that good!
Thank you for existing guys, one very happy customer!


Well that was certainly worth a day trip to Centre Gravity (CG) Birmingham. Being in early seventies was looking to soften the ride on the Honda S2000 without loosing the fun so can do more comfortable, extended road trips. Most other organisations and options available on the market seem to offer lower, firmer. The solution CG provided was Koni STRT dampers matched with original springs and GT geometry settings. I was hoping for improved ride, which has certainly been delivered in spades. What I was not expecting was the significantly improved "confident" feel of the car you get when true suspension specialists perform their magic. The amount of detail Chris put into setting the car up with their Hawkeye kit and road tests has transformed the S and it was quite good to begin with.

By way of example on the M25 around Reigate there is a notorious stretch where the expansion joints protude. On the way to CG the Honda was very disturbed on the way back smooth as silk.

May be I shouldnt be surprised but one very happy customer.


Martin W

Martin Williams

Fantastic Service

It's been just over two months since taking my 997 along to CG for a suspension overhaul, fitting my new Ohlins R&T, full geo and corner weighting! My initial impression of the transformation to my cars handling and feel hasn't changed, now the weather has improved and I've had the opportunity to test the car a little more it is so much more sure footed, much greater feedback and loads more feeling. The car is somehow easier to drive too on the twistys as well as on the motorway!

Spending nearly two days at CG it was a pleasure to watch Pete work his magic on my car, always happy to talk through and explain what he was doing with enthusiasm, these guys really care about what they do, and that means a lot to me.

Thank you Pete, Chris and Holly for the hospitality (and all the tea) extended to me.

Kind Regards


Rob Stinton


If you have a suspension problem do not waste time and money going anywhere else.The service and care is outstanding.Chris transformed my 996 into the car I always wanted to drive.It was a pleasure to deal with such nice people.

Nigel Cochrane

Above and Beyond.....

Chris at Centre Gravity is a genius. Not only does he know more about the fine points of chassis science, he’s all over the car’s mechanics as well. What makes him a genius, as opposed to an amazingly well-informed and technically superior specialist, is that after all the science, the information, the maths, he’s all about the feel and the emotion of you in the car on the road. Talk about getting the 911!

I had a very good 964, properly looked after, with usual but unexpected by me - geometry issues. Fine. What I didn’t expect was that after the CG treatment, the car was transformed. A combination of tried and tested tyre pressures, true geometry, solid braking, new front bushes and lightened steering (no mechanic had ever diagnosed let alone remedied that) as well as counteracting the 964s inherent understeer has made the car perfect. The way it handles reminds me of my SC now, the lightness of the steering and the perfect alignment makes it float on the road (all types of road) like bubbles in champagne.

Chris should have spent about 5 hours on my car spread over the test and the alignment, it was more like 10 – no questions asked, offers of extra fees refused, and explanations given whenever asked. A thousand thanks.

Ian Atkins

Fantastic Service

It's been just over two months since taking my 997 along to CG for a suspension overhaul, fitting my new Ohlins R&T, full geo and corner weighting! My initial impression of the transformation to my cars handling and feel hasn't changed, now the weather has improved and I've had the opportunity to test the car a little more it is so much more sure footed, much greater feedback and loads more feeling. The car is somehow easier to drive too on the twistys as well as on the motorway!

Spending nearly two days at CG it was a pleasure to watch Pete work his magic on my car, always happy to talk through and explain what he was doing with enthusiasm, these guys really care about what they do, and that means a lot to me.

Thank you Pete, Chris and Holly for the hospitality (and all the tea) extended to me.

Kind Regards


Rob Stinton

Great service both in terms of people and results

I've owned my 2007 911 997.1 from new, but got to the point I felt I had to sell it as the handling had become so bad, making it feel dangerous at higher speeds. A number of visits to local specialists had not fixed the issue.
Following my recent visit to Centre Gravity, the car once more feels solid on the road, which means I'll be holding onto it for quite a while yet.
Great friendly service and a full explanation of what was being done and why.

Gavin Nathanson

Porsche 911 996 C2 Set Up

Being new to the world of 911 ownership and having driven the car for 4 months in what I can only describe as very unstable, I booked the car into a well known specialist to have a 4 wheel alignment done only to find very little improvement in the handling and stability.
Now I have owned several types of sports car, sports saloons and competition cars, I questioned the 911 with the unique rear engine design of the 911, whether this was just how they drove and that maybe the car wasn’t for me and considered selling it. I looked into tyres types and the usual forum discussions and eventually decided the last ditch effort to keep the car would be a trip to Center Gravity. I had heard nothing but good things about these guys and a few weeks prior to making a booking read about a 911 behaving in a similar manner.
Upon visiting the guys at Center Gavity and the initial test drive, it was immediately apparent that not only was the car not behaving correctly (sanity returned) but it was clear I had come to the right place. We went over a well selected variation of road types and surfaces at a sensible speed with a view that it has to work in Nora l use or it will never work period, before the car receiving a full check over. All measurements checked manually prior to the Hunter machine even being turned on and a discussion over what had been found, the setup started along with copious amounts of tea. We talked through the type of road and driving I do with even my driving style/competence taken into account, the car was set up how I like to drive. The whole time every step was fully explained and discussed, with my geeky car nature also indugded.
Once set up the car was taken for another test drive prior to me being given back the keys and wow! The whole car was changed, at slow speeds it tracked as expected and at speed the front end grip was an obvious feel and the rear become easy to predict and feel. The saying night and day differences is often used but I would actually say it is even more than that.
The test drive home was much more relaxed however it was mostly motorway so I have waited a while to post my testimony and due to work it’s only recently I have got any good seat time. I can now confidently say the car has been transformed with no pseudo effect, it is now the precise car I had always been led to believe and it all due to the work carried out by Center Gravity, the best money pound for pound I think I have ever spent on a car.
The car is now staying and not being sold and I can see it staying for many years as it approaches classic status as intended on initial purchase, glad I didn’t give up, it was close.
Thanks guys, the rally will be heading your way in the latter part f the year for a full suspension set up.
If you owned a 911 and think the poor handling or edgy rear end is due to the unique rear engine platform, did keep driving a sub-standard 911, get these guys to set it up correctly and you’ll soon understand what the 911 thing really means.

Ian Moynes

Professional from the first contact

It was really a fleeting contact, but I needed some direction to troubleshoot a problem i was having with my Ohlins dampers. I was super impressed with the speed of response, the helpfulness and the practicality and quality of the advice that i received. The impression i formed from this experience is that CG are a quality outfit, with a tangible focus on going that bit further than expected.

Cetin Suleyman

A warm welcome from real car guys who know their stuff

These guys are legendary in Porsche circles and deservedly so; even minor changes to geometry made a massive difference to both enjoyment and performance – to top that, they are really nice guys who make you feel welcome from the get-go.
Transformational ride, nailed on front end, less noise - I could go on - Don’t spend money on anything else until you’ve had the geometry done by Center Gravity!

Gerard Dickinson


My BMW 5 Series (F11 535D) almost overnight had gone from great tow car to this feels so horrible I just want to stop.
My main dealers tried for 3 weeks but did not have the equipment or expertise to solve the problem.
A quick phone call to Centre Gravity and the next day my car was in Chris and Peter's hands.
Nobody does customer service better than these guys.
I also know of nobody who does suspension better.
I had previously entrusted my 997 (C4S) to Chris to work his magic so I knew I was in good hands.
The problem was diagnosed in short order and the highly professional attitude and written report I received were instrumental in persuading my dealer to fix the problem under warranty.
I can't thank you enough or recommend Center Gravity too highly.

howard roberts

Maserati Granturismo Magic

Having just arrived home after 200 miles or so since you worked your magic, I'm pleased to confirm that the handling on my Maserati Gran Turismo S is transformed - and that isn't an exaggeration - is really is.

The nervous front-end (very unbecoming for a big GT car) has gone, instead, there is now reassuring front end grip and a planted feeling I can trust. The car now flows through the twisties without any fuss or fidgeting which is exactly what I asked for at the start.

The rear-end "shimmy" when accelerating on bumpy country roads has disappeared too. I'm much happier to deploy the power of a my GranTurismo with precision, which is really important when threading it down some pretty narrow country lanes.

It was worth every penny and it was a pleasure to catch up with you again.

Mark Roberts

Thank you for your excellent services

The 1989 black Targa G50, is now much more supple, with lighter steering effort required, which is what we agreed you should try to achieve. In short, you have totally transformed the driving experience and it is now an absolute joy to drive, and more useable on a more frequent basis for me.

The Silver 993, which previously had ‘twitchy’ and vague handling, again has been totally transformed, and now handles as if ‘on rails’, extremely stable and inspires great confidence, thank you.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent services and works undertaken, relating to all of my Porsches in my private collection.
All of my Porsches, since you and Centre Gravity have worked your magic on them (ranging from basic geometry, to full suspension refresh) have handled and performed superbly and exactly as you said they would.

Please feel free to use or reproduce this email, anywhere you choose, as a personal recommendation/endorsement of your excellent and expert services you offer at Centre Gravity.

Stephen Taylor

Definitely the best £350 we've ever spent on our Porsche's

Hi Guys,

Just like to say say we had a fantastic day on Monday with Chris, Pete and Holly setting up out cars the way they should be. Chris and Pete are magicians, the best in the business. We could have chatted to them all day, it truly was an educational interactive experience. Amazing what these cars can do when setup by experts and who knew you could go around a round about so fast :). It feels like we have brand new cars, the handling is truly astonishing. Its hard to convey to people just how different the cars feel both on B roads and motorways, totally planted.

Definitely the best £350 we've ever spent on our Porsche's, we wouldn't have anybody else touch our chassis in the future. Also a beautiful part of the country, so the three hour drive isn't a hardship, it's joy.


Mark and Chris

mark duffy


Last month I took my 993 C4 to Centre Gravity for a suspension & geometry check. Something strange happened. I left it with them for the day but when I returned they'd replaced it, with an exact replica.

Except this one handles beautifully, doesn't wander,, has little understeer, sits flat on the road, flows through the bends. It's confidence inspiring. A different car altogether, a 993 that handles, I imagine, as Porsche intended. Just magic. Highly recommended. Worth every penny.

J. P.

C.G Visitation

I took my 2012 997C4S along to the 3 genius that are Chris, Pete and Holly. A very warm welcome from the team on a bitterly cold day. I opted for Eibach Pro-Kit springs, Eibach spacers and a full geo.
I won’t repeat what’s already been mentioned on here but what I will say is that my beloved 911 has been transformed! Not only does it have added kerb appeal but it now handles and rides like I never imagined. It’s probably the happiest I’ve been in any car that I have driven as the set up instils confidence in you and makes you feel a better driver. The attention to detail is second to none, your kept informed of the progress and findings throughout the day all of which is delivered in a very friendly manner. I would thoroughly recommend C.G to anyone that is considering suspension upgrades and tweaking. Thanks guys, Dad and I thoroughly enjoyed our day and evening with you.
Darren 2012 C4S

Darren Yates
Berck Limited

Best Investment

I just wanted to say thank you for a great day on Tuesday.  From the off, warm welcome, continual flow of information, explanations, insights, humour, more information etc.  I learnt more about my car during the day than the previous 5 years of ownership.  As a result, and with the improvements made, I now enjoy the car so much more.  That's a great result. With regards to the changes to the way the car now feels, it's undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made.  The initial test drive by an experience 911 drive gave me a feel for the grip and handling already available (esp on the sharp bends/roundabout, at speeds I would not have chanced on a public road) and of course those were just improved upon.

I had some thoroughly enjoyable moments on the drive home when the traffic allowed, on some B roads and A5 roundabouts.  On the boring bits it's easy going to drive without the veering off tendency, round the bendy bits it's smooth, fluid, inspiring of confidence.  I never realised 911 could feel so good & I can't wait to go back out in it!

Eddie Hing

The transformation was unbelievable

I have been meaning to drop you a line for several weeks as I know you like to get feedback from your clients.

Firstly, I was very impressed with Peter. He was very welcoming and made me feel as if I was an integral part of the process of analysis which ( as an engineer by training ) was important to me .

I had only owned the car for a few weeks when I arrived at your workshops and although I had some Porsche experience ( as a Boxster owner for 3 years prior ) I was a novice 911 driver . However I knew there was something not right with car and was starting to think that the solution was going to be expensive ( ie lots of suspension parts to be replaced on a 15 yr old car ).

Peter quickly identified the likely issues after a test drive. Having reassured me that most of the suspension components were in very condition for the age of the car ( it is a very low mileage example) it was a relief to discover that the solutions were not expensive. He re-calibrated the geometry and the immediate results were very evident. I enjoyed my long drive home and for the first time I really started to enjoy the car and understand the meaning of the 911 experience.

However the biggest revelation was yet to come .

Peter had also identified that although the front tyres had lots of tread ( and appeared almost new ) they were in actual fact nearly 10 years old and the rubber was very hard. So after a few weeks of “testing” the car on our local country roads I invested in new front tyres. The transformation was unbelievable. I could not believe that new rubber would have such an effect. The road holding became so more assured and the ride was much more pliable at lower speeds.

Needless to say , I think my investment at Center Gravity has been repaid in multiples.

Again many thanks to Peter for his help and hopefully I’ll be seeing you again sometime when I next need some advice, support and help


Chris Morrison

Fantastic, couldn't thank then enough

Many thanks for your work on my car when I visited you on the 14th June 2017, as promised a summary of my thoughts.

I had owned my 5 Series BMW estate for about 3 years & all was well at the start of my ownership. The BMW Specialist that I use to service my car are very knowledgeable but they do not have the facility to undertake tracking adjustments so they are forced to use a local car tracking garage - these people are not cheap but not as expensive as a BMW main dealer - false economy as I have just found out to my cost. To cut a long story short, over the last 18 months, my car's handling can only be described as Damn Awful. At speeds below 50, it was ok but anything over 50 then I was forever fighting with the car & I had just lost all confidence in the vehicles ability.

In desperation, I went back to the BMW Specialist to raise my concerns about the cars handling. They suggested Centre Gravity as they had heard good reports about the company and their ability to optimise the cars tracking. I duly booked my car in & I am pleased to say it was an excellent decision.

I will not describe the whole process as this is well documented but pick out the highlights for me.

Firstly meeting Peter, I was immediately put at ease by his straightforward approach. In essence, my car should be as driveable as a normal road car for the majority of the time & when required to do so, my car should be capable of being driven hard & fast with the driver having full confidence in the cars ability.
I was asked to consider what I wanted the car to be like 90% of the time as this would be the set-up. For me this was easy, as I did not want any extreme track bias.

On his initial drive Peter picked up on all points troubling me, albeit his experience meant he spotted them at lower speeds. He considered the car had been badly adjusted before and that a series of small factors were combining, the main one being rear alignment unsettling the front end. At the workshop this all proved to be the case. The car was measured and aligned. I was then given a full inspection and shown the adjustments. Pete pointed out it was a very straight and clean car with no underside damage at all.

Finally the car was re-measured and smaller final adjustments made.

On the second test drive I took over half way and the difference in the way the car drove was incredible. The car ran true with very little driver input, composed and was relaxing on the dual carriageway at higher speeds where previously it would have floated and needed constant input. Even better on the smaller A and B roads the car was faster, more composed but still sports car lively. Overall the car had gone from being an unpredictable pig with wayward tendencies to being fast, predictable and great fun to drive. 3 weeks or so on I am still delighted with the car I now have.

I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are friendly, Chris made a point of having a chat during the afternoon and making sure I was happy with everything and extremely knowledgeable but also approachable. But mainly they understand and listen to what you want from the car and make sure that is what you get.

Thanks very much,
Kind Regards,

I have enclosed a screenshot of my cars tracking before Centre Gravity waved their magic wand.

Mark Ormandy

Many thanks for your work on my car last week, as promised a summary of my thoughts.

Having never owned and hardly driven, I bought my first 911, a 2007 Carrera S cab on 36,000 miles privately in February 2017.

The test drive was fine but on the next two longer journeys I noticed a vague, floaty feeling from the front end from about 70. Higher speeds over bumps caused a very unsettled feel. As I say I had expected a 911 to have a different feel to a front engine car but was convinced this was not right. Or I was definitely not a 911 driver!

Having looked on the net and various Porsche groups, Centre Gravity came out very well, and I liked that chassis set-up was all they did, so despite closer specialists to my home in Southend, I booked in. I am pleased to say it was an excellent decision.

I will not describe the whole process as this is well documented but pick out the highlights for me.

Firstly meeting Peter, I was immediately put at ease by their straightforward approach, in essence this is that it should be as driveable as a normal road car first, and only then as a sports car. I was asked to consider what I wanted the car to be like 80% of the time as this would be the set-up. For mew this was easy, as a second car I wanted a fast A and B road car, I did not want any extreme track bias.

On his initial drive Peter picked up on all points troubling me, albeit his experience meant he spotted them at lower speeds. He considered the car had not really been adjusted before and that a series of small factors were combining, the main one being rear alignment unsettling the front end. At the workshop this all proved to be the case. The car was measured and aligned. I was then given a full inspection and shown the adjustments. Pete said the car had not really ever been touched and also, and very pleasingly, pointed out it was a very straight and clean car with no underside damage at all.

Finally the car was re-measured and smaller final adjustments made.

On the second test drive I took over half way and the difference in the way the car drove was incredible. The car ran  true and composed and was relaxing on the dual carriageway at higher speeds where previously it would have  floated and needed constant input. Even better on the smaller A and B roads the car was faster, more composed but still sports car lively. Overall the car had gone from fast but a bit wayward to faster and great fun to drive. A week or so on I am still delighted with the car I now have.

I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are friendly, Chris made point of having a chat during the afternoon and making sure I was happy with everything and extremely knowledgeable but also approachable. But mainly they understand and listen to what you want from the car and make sure that is what you get.

Thanks very much

Stuart Grant

Wow Chris and his team are amazing

I would like to say many thanks for delightful day I had with you guys last Thursday. I really enjoyed myself. I managed to get out and have a blast down some lovely country roads at the weekend. My car is so much better beyond my expectations. It feels like the car I should have. Give a super special thanks to Chris , he really is a genius with geometry. The changes he made has given me much more confidence in the car.
Also thank you Holly and Pete for a wonderful experience.
Really chuffed and would recommend to all my friends
Again thank you so much.
Best regards
Darren (GT3)

Darren Waller

Professional, passionate and knowledgeable

Chris, Pete,

Just a quick note to say thank you for the transformation that you have brought to my 964 Targa 2 yesterday. The drive home was a joy, whereas the last year or so it had been anything but. to anybody who is thinking of getting a suspension set up this is the pace to go, book yourself in, discuss what you are looking for and see the process in action. In common with many classic car owners we don't drive enough examples to know when the experience has drifted from "classic" to just down right poor. Driving ever newer cars the majority of the time doesn't help either. They get better and our classic cars inevitably get worse, this applied to mine but not any more. Thank you for the day and the work done.



Simon Griffiths
private individual

Vast difference-as per normal !

We take a lot of our cars to Chris and Peter when they need Suspension Tuning. recently I took our upgraded B5RS4 with all new Bilstein PSS9 and Powerflex fitted and which is shortly due for a syndicated Magazine article back to back with a standard RS4 we have in stock. The transformation with the parts alone was dramatic but what was even more astonishing was the improvement after Peter and Chris had had it in for a couple of days. Better handling now than a B7RS4 we have... yesterday back again with a full 964RS CS NGT racer-with road plates-which was one of the worst drives of my life in taking it there.. Eight hours later, I now have a car with complete road tractability and still adjustable for track use if required. Cannot speak highly enough

Martin Pearse T/A MCP Motorsport
MCP Motorsport

Different car now !!

As a dealer in Depreciation Proof Supercars I need an everyday car for personal use and everytime I change the latest addition goes straight to Center Gravity. I have 3 silver Audi RS4 B5 in stock and gave one the full Bilstein Coilover/ complete Powerflex transformation. Then Peter and Chris had it for two days. Whilst the two in stock are pretty balanced on all curves, the CG car is now like a go kart, and even my wife commented today. As this car will be used for a journo piece soon , I think the Tester will be in seventh heaven. These two are Masters of their art so forget the jack of all trade ''Specialists'' if you have a GT3RS etc-this is the only place to consider!!!

Martin Pearse MCP Motorsport
MCP Motorsport

Great service

Just got back from Centre Gravity to have suspension bits checked and alignment done.

Mine is a Porsche 997 C2S 2005 with 52k miles driven in London, I have had an alignment done once at 20k in 2010 at an OPC, and nothing was changed. Peter (at CG) confirmed no adjustments had ever been made.

I was a bit skeptical before going, as it is not the cheapest, and although having read so many positive reviews, some have said they change parts that sometimes are just a little worn, and if they change parts the car will inevitably feel better - wasn't sure before I went whether I was just going to get suckered or not.

What I found was Peter was very straight forward, answered all my questions, said no parts needed replacing, and all I paid for was the full alignment cost.

Although not the cheapest, and I have nothing else to really compare it to, I found he only did what he needed to, and has got the handling back to where it should be (perhaps better), as I think after 12 years and 52k miles, a lot was out of whack.

Hope this helps others in deciding whether to use them or not.

Vinay Shah

The lunatic has been tamed

Hi Chris / Pete,

I haven't spoken to you guys since you set my car up and thought I'd say hello.
So far its been a real pleasure, I have had some great drives out and its as if the lunatic has been tamed.
Height wise its no trouble at all on the road, and as comfortable as before. As I mentioned Oliver my brother has the same car and we have done 'extensive' back to back drives and aside from the dramatic reduction in roll the car loves to turn in and you manage the balance before over steer rather than an onslaught of under steer followed by a snap spin.
I started on the settings you the car left you with and then tried the other settings you recommended! Even in the wet it has been great!
Last weekend be spent two days hammering across wales, lapping a soaking evo triangle at night in zero degree temperatures and it was beautifully controlled, no way would I have enjoyed that as much before.
We later hit Anglesey circuit for the day, this surely was going to expose any odd character traits.
It was night and day. No longer a boat, second gear corners were a dream, gas on the apex and a nice little oversteer out of the turn!!! just when I thought I was a driving God it did bite back and I had a spin but that was me thinking the car was a drift machine, it never will be but being able to know what the car wants to do and what happens next changes the game. I was pushing it deliberately as I felt comfortable.
By the end of the afternoon we were passing all sorts, in fact the only thing that came past was a GT4. I know I know... it depends on the driver but I remember how I and the car were before and how it was this time. We were passing Elises/ 996/ clio cup's all sorts of things that are much more at home on track than the snappy V6. .
P.S its really good and I'm enjoying it, just encase you didn't get the hint!

Matthew Cannon

Center Gravity, passionate about happy customers

I took my errant Porsche 997 C4S Cabriolet to CG for a health check as I felt the car wasn't a happy bunny, it seemed erratic when it should have felt planted and sent tremors and buzzing to my hands, feet and backside when it should have been smooth.

Diagnosis and recommendations were thoroughly explained and expertly implemented. The car is much, much happier now. Everybody at CG engages the customer in a friendly and patient way, they worked with me to get the car sorted, without piling on the cost, in fact they could have charged me more for the extra time they put in to my car. They are passionate about making their customers and their cars as happy as possible. Great business model!

Michael Avis

Porsche 997 C4s

After the purchase of my dream car, a Porsche 997 C4s. I noticed after a couple of weeks of driving, the car felt unstable at speed. It was booked in at Porsche, who came back and said that it was just its character. I decided to get in touch with Centre Gravity, explained my problem, they got me booked in the same week, and I can honestly say they are amazing !!!!! The level of service and customer focus can only be described as OUTSTANDING. The car itself now drives amazing, best money I have ever spent. To any potential customers, looking to use Centre Gravity, book your car in with these guys, they will make your day !!!
Thanks for your work and hospitality guys.

Jes Singh
Builders Centre

1999 S2000 perfect again

I have recently took my S2000 for it's second visit to CG. When I spoke to Chris before he got started I claimed "the car doesn't have any handling vices" I just wanted things tweaking a little bit. After Chris's thorough test drive I then realised that my car had plenty of 'vices'. New settings were agreed and applied by Chris in his usual thorough way.
To say I noticed a difference would be an understatement ! the car was sensational and very confidence inspiring.
If you want to take your car somewhere that understands what suspension set up is all about then do not go anywhere else !
Thanks again to Chris and Pete.

Tony Smith

1995 Mkiv Supra now feels Awesome

After overhauling my suspension at the start of summer I really struggled to find somewhere to set it up properly. After 2 failed attempts elsewhere I was recommended Center Gravity and am so glad that I was

Not only were the previous settings completely wrong but the car handled terribly and even potentially dangerous, but Center Gravity really know their stuff. The initial test drive identified various issues and the geometry check confirmed it all.

They then spent the day setting up my car perfectly, taking into account the sort of driving that my car is used for. And not only was the geometry set up but also corner weights, ride height, adjustable Anti-roll bars set, adjustable dampers set etc. Everything was taking into account and set perfectly. On the test drive after the set up all the issues were banished and the car felt so nice.

The drive home was fantastic and I didn’t mind that I went in completely the wrong direction for home and so had a LONG drive home through the countryside, the car handled beautifully, the back end felt planted in high speed bends instead of feeling like it’s about to overtake the front, steering felt lighter and spot on, happy days!!!

Then the following weekend at a trackday at Anglesey the car was sure footed and joy to drive hard, safe and predictable even when pushed a little too hard. In fast corners the car was totally planted and able to carry lots of speed with ease and always felt safe and predictable.

Pete and Chris clearly love what they do and their passion results in cars set up with care and attention that you just don’t find these days. To anyone who wants their car set up to the highest possible standard needs to go to Center Gravity.

Mark Ferguson

3.2 Carrera Re-alignment

I contacted Centre Gravity after a frustrating day driving the Porsche around the B roads of the Peak District where the car's handling characteristics seemed like very hard work and confidence sapping - white van man was impossible to catch! I suspected that the low ride height was causing bump steer issues.

What Chris did to the car has transformed the way it feels, I'm now the driver where before I was very much the passenger. The test drive Chris conducted identified some issues which the geometry check confirmed were wrong. The corner weights were way out, as were camber and rear tracking. The ride heights had to be raised slightly in order to optimise the suspension settings and to bring them within factory settings.

Chris loves what he does, is extremely thorough and explained the process in detail as he zeroed in on the geometry settings to suit both me and the car. It was a throughly enjoyable and instructive day and the best investment I've made in the car to date.

My thanks go out to Chris and the rest of the CoG team.

William Hyde

Boxster S grin factor restored

Thanks to Pete and Chris, Jayne and Holly for a very well spent two half days in their workshop. Center Gravity have the reputation of being the best, and they live up to expectations. I started with an email inquiry which was answered with a wealth of advice and culminated in me travelling up to Atherstone on a Saturday afternoon for a suspension "health check". Pretty thorough it was, too! Pete took me out for a test drive and compared my car unfavourably to a Ford Mondeo - no wonder, because it pulled to the right, accelerated to the right, bumped, clonked and twitched to and fro when shown a centre line or the crown of the road. A recent trip to Scotland returning via the bumpy roads of Lincolnshire had convinced me something had to be done, although I'd had the car supposedly 4 wheel aligned the year before. I should have saved my money!

The inspection revealed several items in need of replacement, including front coffin arms, front tuning forks and inner and outer track rod ends on the offside. The front tyres were worn down almost to the canvas on the inner 2 inches of the tread, although you needed to be underneath the car to appreciate how bad they were.

Armed with this shopping list, I returned home. The girls followed up within a couple of days with an estimate for the parts and labour to restore the car's behaviour to normal. Keen to save pennies where I could, I shopped around for the parts, and once more CG were as helpful as could be, never pressuring me to let them just do it all for me, but advising me on the various alternatives I found so that I was well informed when buying.

A month later, I returned, having spent some money, and several hours under the car, with all the most important bits replaced, for Pete to work his magic with the spanners. After a brief test drive it was confirmed that the steering and straight line behaviour were improved (mostly due to new front tyres), but not materially changed from before. Pete then spent the rest of the morning tweaking the geometry (after asking me how I used the car, which is mainly A and B roads, with perhaps the very occasional track day) to his own bespoke settings. After much prodding, heaving, pushing and tweaking, it was restored to nice symmetrical settings. I was welcomed in the workshop area at all times, shown what was being done, and able to poke around under the car to my heart's content, without getting in the way.

Then we were off for another test drive. Pete took the first half, to verify to himself that Ford Mondeo-iness had been restored, then it was my turn. From the moment I steered away from the kerb where we changed drivers, it was apparent that the car felt so much happier. Turn in was more definite, and the wandering around the straight ahead position all gone. Some flowing bends further along the test route proved that the car could also be a true Porsche, leaning into the bends and accelerating out, when required. Ford Mondeos aren't the pinnacle, after all!

Thanks so much Pete, Chris, Jayne and Holly for the friendly and professional treatment from the ultimate family business. I'll be back, and so will my friends!

Nick Carrington

Excellent service - Will definitely use again

My C4S was starting to get the front patter patter sound track, and my MOT had suggested the top mounts were worn, so I booked it in with CG a while ago. Only over the past couple of weeks did they manage to get a pair of lower control arms so I headed upto Atherstone on Thursday.

Now I've only ever driven 2 911's, mine and a new one at Porsche Experience Silverstone, so I thought mine was 'normal'. Pete took it out for a drive with me as passenger, and with 100 yards picked up that it was pulling to the left. I'd never noticed it, you get so used to driving a car you never notice the tiny inputs you make. Anyway, at the end of Pete's 20 minute drive he predicted that the front passenger side wheel was out and the rear's were (I don't know the technical term here!) over cambered.

Pete and Chris hooked it upto the alignment machine, and sure enough, thats exactly what was up.

I should point out that while I was there, they gave me a desk (overlooking their workshop) so I could do my day job, access to wireless and tea and coffee. It was really interesting for me (a non mechanic) to watch them work....confidence inspiring.

Anyway, its gets better. So while doing the control arms, Pete noticed that one of the Track Rod ends was worn, and that my front pads and disks were worn. They explained how doing the geometry with a worn TRE was pointless, so I opted to have that replaced there and then, and as the wheels were off getting the brakes done made sense too. They had looked at the Top Mounts and in their opinion they were fine. rather than replace them they advised they would wax them up instead.

Chris gave some advice about my steering rack, after noticing power steering fluid in the gaitors. More in a moment.

By 2:00pm (I was there for 9am) I was back in the car with Pete. Amazing difference. He had asked what I use it for most of the time (M ways and fast A roads), and had configured the geometry accordingly. The biggest difference for me was that the back of the car felt flat...stable...planted. No jitter or jiggle as it had before. The steering at the front was dead straight and stable. Pete explained that if I was using it on the track or doing sundays on twisty roads he would have configured it differently, but for me, this was perfect.

Back at the shop Pete showed me the parts he had replaced, and stuck an old control arm in a vice to show how the patter patter noise comes about. We took a look at the old and new disks and he showed me the 'fake hole' wear indicator (new to me!). Then a look at the worn TRE. Very informative and done in a simple patient way...excellent.

All really reassuring and confidence inspiring. I'm going to take it back in November to get the steering rack refurbed/replaced and also get new Michelin boots on the front.

Even though it' a bit of a trek from me in Surrey, after seeing what they do, and getting that level of service, I'll be back there for any of my brake/steering/suspension work....they are just that good. And I managed to get a load of work done while I was there.

Gavin Critchley


Hi, had my 997 turbo (605 bhp )worked on by peter. What can i say ,i was told the drive ,handling will be transformed after the work has been completed & it sure was, felt like a total different machine. cornering has vastly improved as well as general ride over bumpy roads. Its the first time i used CG & will definitely use again & highly recommend. A big thanks to all the team at CG. Another happy customer.
Regards Deen.


Highly recommended, a pleasure to deal with.

My 997 turbo was under-damped, tramlining and a bit unpredictable on a bumpy B road. The guys did a great job analysing and sorting the issues, keeping me fully involved along the way. The car is now transformed and much more pleasant to drive. As well as the improvement to the handling and ride, I've learned a lot during the process. Thanks, Pete and Chris - very impressed.

Piers Warburton

What a difference!

What a difference!
My old 911SC was not nice to drive until Chris got his spanners on it. Now it looks and handles like it should.
It's great to find people like Chris and Pete who are genuinely interested in what they do and do it professionally.

Harvey Hollins

Transformation of a 964 C2

I had a big grin all the way back to Hampshire after Chris spent two days working his magic on my 964 C2. What a difference! It'll be much easier to loose my licence now without the car trying to kill me in the process.
I had what was described by Northways as one of the best driving 964s they'd worked on, but I was not really happy with how it drove although new to Porsche. I had changed the dampers for the Carnewal supplied Bilstein B6 (HD) dampers with H&R springs initially. Then I spoke to Chris Franklin and changed the springs to the softer Eibach lowering springs with some improvement to the ride. It still felt too stiff for the UK roads though (no trackdays intended) and the set up, although to Porsche spec, albeit at RS +10mm height was sometimes alarming at speed on A and B roads. I could not take my hands off the wheel or eyes off the road for a moment because it had a mind of its own. Coming back across the crown after overtaking, it would try to throw itself through the hedge and would pull and twist on every undulation and bump.

Chris and Pete and Jayne in fact, take driving very seriously and have invested in their skills, so you can be assured that when they take you out for a drive in your car, they know what they are doing and know what your car is doing and why.

Chris manages his time very well and gets completely focused on your car without distraction. He can get hold of parts quickly and is able to fix any other problems that come to light which he did for me.

I ended up on KW v3 with some different Eibach springs and meticulously set up geometry and corner weights. This takes considerable time and I know many Porsche specialist will do a good set-up within certain tolerances but Chris definitely goes a step further, gives it the time and works to much tighter margins.

I can now unleash the beast as Chris called it and drive it like a Porsche 911 rather than on old car that my wife didn't feel safe in. It goes where I point it, it grips like I had thought it should, it doesn't feel like I'm going to back it through a hedge on a corner if I make a mistake, it turns in brilliantly, it feels progressive as it now has some roll and squat and you can feel the sidewalls of the tyres moving (17"), the feel on the brakes has improved, it soaks up the yumps and bumps, although it's now down to RS +5mm ride height, it feels like I've got more suspension travel, it doesn't track all over the place any more, and I am really happy.

I would recommend Centre Gravity, they know their stuff and provide unusual levels of customer service and satisfaction.

Simon Marsh

Friendly Professional Informative

I had my 95 993 Tip delivered to Centre Gravity to fine tune new suspension I had fitted. As soon as the car arrived, Chris was driving it to see how he could improve it. Soon after, he phoned me with a full report on his findings. He explained everything with great patience and told me what we could do to improve the overall handling. Chris kept me informed during the whole process and when the car was ready phoned me with the last update. The first time I drove the car, it felt very familiar but better because of the new components and especially with all the work that Chris and his crew put into the car. To say I'm happy with the results is a massive understatement. If you need your handling sorted, please please send your car to these guys, can't recommend them enough. Major thanks from Vincent Daly PCI Ireland.

Vincent Daly

Some words from a satisfied customer

From the very first phone call to Centre Gravity I knew I was in good hands. Chris returned my call and I was impressed with both the wealth of advice and time spent sharing his knowledge on the phone. I was now really enthused to get my 993 prepped. We discussed damper and spring mods and pros and cons of a variety of setups Chris had worked on over the years.

I drove the car down to the team on a snowy winters morn, excited to meet the guys and talk shop. It was indeed as exciting as I had anticipated if not more so as Pete took me out for a test drive to see if my car would match the handling of a new factory standard Ford Mondeo which it failed to both on cornering (excessive understeer), driving in a straight line (or not as the case may be) and a very indirect steering response alongside some knocking sounds over cobblestones. This was demonstrated on carefully considered local roads Centre Gravity use and know very well to test all their cars and each test easily identifies any problem areas. Chris's wife Jayne talked me through the family business and kindly gave me a lift back to the station.

After ordering my suspension and work commenced, I was alerted to some bigger concerns with the car concerning wishbones, bushes and track rods which they had to address whilst installing the suspension in order to set the Geometry correctly and bring the car up to its best. I opted for some RS engine mounts also whilst they were on a roll!

What I loved most is the enthusiasm of all the team, they treat each project with consideration, asking questions of the driver to ascertain their part in the work. Chris and Pete although I don't know them well seem to get excited about everything they work on (well almost) and want the best for both car and customer which is refreshing to see. Chris and Jayne knew I would like the car back for my birthday weekend and even after all the extra work required, still managed to achieve this. I took the earliest 5 O' something a clock train to Nuneaton and was later greeted in the workshop by Chris with a Costa birthday muffin, blow-torch and wooden splint candle fabricated on top. Thats service!

Pete took me back out for a re-run with the new RS+10mm set-up on M33 springs/Bilstein dampers and proved the car had taken on a whole new lease of life. We couldn't appreciate the car to its full on the day due to my old plasticised tyres which have just been replaced and I cannot thank the guys enough for my lovely C2 has now been transformed and is a joy to drive. I no longer have to fight the steering on "A roads" or the constant side pull of the wheel, the suspension firm, the steering direct and the cornering on another level!

I would recommend Centre Gravity to anyone who needs suspension work and true engineering knowledge of Porsche suspension setups and associated components. The test-drive before and after backs up their work alone, but you also get a print-out of the geometry and corner weighting all explained masterfully by Pete on the debrief. As a toolmaker myself I appreciate attention to detail which is what you get here on every level.

I am looking for what else I can find wrong with the car just so I can find an excuse for a drive back to visit the team for a chat!


Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser

Above & Beyond!

Having visited Centre Gravity twice during 2014 I can categorically confirm that Pete and Chris are two of the nicest, most professional, experienced geo/suspension specialists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

The transformation before and after Pete and Chris worked their magic was nothing other than spectacular. The car is now a joy to drive and exceeds my wildest expectations...She’s a keeper!

Having spent a considerable amount of time at Centre Gravity I wouldn’t even consider taking my car elsewhere.

Thanks again, you really do go above and beyond.

Alex Gamble

An amazing difference!

Having owned the car (997 C2) for 5 years, during which I have covered 100k for pleasure and as my everyday work car. The car in truth never quite matched my previous car (986) for pure driving thrill and I had just put that down to the difference in the ergonomics of the cars. However the before and after couldn't be more different. Pete and Chris gave the car 100% of their attention during the day and explained everything that they were doing. Having asked me what I use the car for, types of roads I drive and how I like to drive, the car was set up perfectly. I am absolutely amazed at the difference and so pleased with the result. I cannot thank them enough and look forward to the next 100k.

Sean Finch

993 transformed!

Hi Chris and Pete,
It would be very remiss of me not to thank you both for the time and effort you put into transforming my car.
I have owned the car for a few years, albeit it was not my first Porsche, so I rather fell into the trap that this is a 993 and this is what they are all about.
I was directed in your direction via 911UK and whist there are other specialists nearer to home I was immediately impressed by your passion, enthusiasm and an overwhelming desire to listen and help the enthusiast achieve the ultimate driving pleasure that we all take for granted.
I first presented some months ago for health check and it became apparent that the rack was leaking into the gaters, a common problem you tell me.
I was able to resolve this myself and return to have the car set up, I was quite simply blown away by the end result. I was hand held throughout the whole process, with explanations step by step.
I was not interested in a track set up but more to return to original set up with benefits and that exactly what I got, agile, compliant, confidence giving, none of which I had before.
I like many others I am sure thought that the way it was, was the norm!!!
In short my biggest regret is not coming to you sooner and suffice to say I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you and what you do to these great cars.
I have Photo of my car if you wish to use it.

John Goodier

Porsche 993 C4

Eventually travelled the 300 odd miles to have Chris sort out the suspension on my 993 having had many firms closer fail miserably, especially with the kinematic toe adjustment, since I had new suspension put on about 3 years ago.
The shock absorber tester (one of only two in the UK) confirmed the nearside rear shock was knackered. Luckily Chris had a couple of shocks in stock and these were swapped over, along with new CV boots on all but one of the drive shafts. With the various other bits of work needed to ensure that the suspension would sit right, Chris worked until 23:00 to ensure that the car would be ready for me to drive home the next day.
The car now handles better than it did when I brought it over from Germany 14 odd years ago.
Just wish I had saved myself a lot of bother and three pairs of rear tyres by getting Chris to replace the suspension and set it up properly in the first place.

Clyde Ashby

Porsche 997 911 Turbo Geo Set

I took my car to Chris Franklin at Centre of Gravity yesterday having only bought the car a few weeks ago. I'd already found the car a bit prone to kick out in the wet as the turbo kicked in, it was not quite straight lining under power but nothing was blatantly wrong. I booked in on the back recommendations off the Porsche Club. I had in the back of my mind that I might part with my hard earned and not feel any difference at the end of the process. I couldn't have been more wrong. The car was shown to me to be completely out of alignment and the symptoms I had experienced explained and then corrected. Driving the car after Chris had fettled it was immediately obvious that something had changed - the steering was now lighter, the minor steering fault had gone - it was never obvious to me that it was not right until it was corrected - smoother, lighter and more precise steering. The confidence I have in the car a day later driving it aggressively on damp, greasy roads is a huge step up, the grip even in poor conditions is incredible. Chris has taken a fantastic car that was not initially set up properly and for a very reasonable amount corrected faults to produce a machine that handles flawlessly and has increased my confidence in the car significantly. Would definitely take my cars there as routine now, very pleased with the results, many thanks.

Matt Roberts

I don't know if writing a testimonial would do you all justice!

Hi Chris, Jayne & Peter,
I meant to thank you via email some time ago, but I'll blame you all for doing such a top job to my 911 996, any spare time & I'll find an excuse to put more miles on the clock rather than sitting writing emails! Hope that all is well.
Since my totally absorbing day at your workshop, I wanted to share how impressed I was with the work you put in and your attention to detail. I am genuinely much happier driving, the difference is so noticeable, thanks to your variety of road tests, fastidious geometry set-up, the replacement of inner rear bushes and replacement suspension dampeners.
I have clocked up well over a 1000 miles since, on a variety of roads, two being across the Peak District in Derbyshire, on both occasions the weather being inclement.
Prior to your work, on a bumpy A road, at around 50mph the handling was inconsistent, the steering a tad twitchy, it was quite unnerving.
Post my visit to Center of Gravity, one of my journeys was late at night through the Snake Pass, in the upper Peaks in Derbyshire. The weather was horrible, sleet, heavy down pours and strong winds. That evening was a great road test, the tracking now being spot on, and the rear end feeling so much more grounded, how I enjoyed accelerating out of corners (at a sensible speed of course), well the car's handling was bob on, for want of a better phrase.
Despite the nasty seasonal weather and poor road surfaces, a new found pleasure is to be had driving through twists and turns. Roll on the spring, so I can take the hard top off and listen to that gorgeous 3.6 flat 6.
So many thanks to you for your time, knowledge and hard work
If you're ever in North Wales, please pop in for a delicious piece of cake or coffee, or both.
Best regards to you all,

Samantha Humberstone

The point of perfect balance!

I've been a Center Gravity customer for some years now and have seen the business grow, throughout this they've stayed true to their ethos of listening to and advising the customer on what's best for them and their car.

Enthusiastic drivers themselves, Chris & Pete don't do off-the-peg alignment, they glean from you what it is you enjoy about driving and setup your car to best suit your needs.

Through the years I've been enjoying getting The Point of Perfect Balance thanks to Jayne, Chris & Pete - keep up the good work!


981S set up

I visited Center Gravity last week to have my 981 set up for fast road use, particularly on minor roads.
The car is a 981S with PASM and is 18 months old and has done 10000 miles.
Pete Leason did the work and I cannot believe its the same car!
Considering how relatively new the car was I was taken surprised by the amount the geometry was out.
Pete and I went out on a test run during which we both drove. I was assured by both his clear detailed knowledge of the car and his understanding of how to make it perform better. Back at the workshop Pete then set the car up on the specialist equipment they have an proceeded to make adjustments, within the manufacturers suggested settings. We then went out again and, as I said at the start, it was a different car!
When I first got into a boxster I loved the way it drove. I cannot believe how much better the car now is!
I cannot recommend too highly these guys, their expertise, understanding and enthusiasm is so nice to experience.

John Synnuck

Late feedback sorry

Sorry for the late feedback after you transformed my car T9 CNY

I just want to thank Centre of Gravity for sorting out the handling on my Porsche 996 Turbo X50, I can honestly say that this is probably the most single biggest improvement you can have done to your car, If you care about driving and getting the best from your Porsche look no further, the front end turn in is amazing, ride comfort has improved and the car is planted! Thanks again !

tony guest

Last Saturday


Hi Chris and family, hope you're all well.


Just wanted to say thank you for Saturday, sorry to leave in such a rush, just made it back in time!


I had a great day, and in my opinion your great reputation is very well deserved! I have had the privilege to work alongside some great technicians and have to say how impressed I was with the level of service, great quality of workmanship, and clearly real depth of knowledge based upon your passion for your work.


Every review that I have read about your work ends with an exclamation of the dramatic transformation of your customers cars, and I have to say what a difference you have made to the driving dynamics of my 911.


Great job done Chris,


Thanks to you all








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Professional Excellence

My recent purchase of a 2003 Audi RS6 left me with some undesirable repairs right from the word go. Most importantly, my confidence level of the suspension system and geometry setup of the car was in some doubt. On visiting Centre Gravity for my whole day chassis tuning experience, it was very soon evident that Chris and Pete were experts at their trade. An excellent level of explanation and interaction was given in all aspects of examination, cleaning and lubricating, adjustment and measurement of suspension geometry, wheel alignment and damper performance to set the car up appropriate to my driving preferences. After now having a few weeks to become more at one with the car I can say without doubt that she handles tight and precise, is well balanced in cornering and provides an exhilarating driving experience. Many thanks to Chris and Pete for an exceptional day from which I learnt so much.

Rod Spires

Incredible transformation in eight hours......

We purchased a 7GT3RS from a Porsche dealership abroad, just warrantied for its private owner. . It was raining for most of the journey across four countries. The journey was not a comfortable one in any way, as the Toyo Proxes were seemingly totally unable to cope, rain wise at any speed over 60 mph without feeling unstable .......... So I took it to Chris pronto... I left it with him, and went off for the day..On return, he took me out------------in the rain, I might add----------on the local byways/ Franklin special stages............... what an incredible difference , even with the new Proxes still on ! The ride is comfortable, the handling sublime under all situations. Our heading says it all . As a hardbitten dealer, its not often I want to keep a car. But now...................

Martin Pearse
MCP Motorsport

A quiet display of craftsmanship

Pete and Chris do that effortless thing of all talented people, they make it easy: to understand, to find out more about your car, to drive it quickly and to allow you to explore its abilities and improve your own.

Jonathan Davies

Outcome driven and supported by a rigorous process

Chris listened to my requirements for my 993 C4 and suggested a solution. He took the time to explain various options but also why the preferred solution was the best way forward. On arriving at Chris' workshop, Pete explained the process that my car would go through so that there would be no surprises.

Being able to watch the work in progress was fascinating, giving me the chance to learn more about my car, the new components and the effect on handling.

The pre-handover test drive was a mix of emotions. Would the car deliver what I expected it to? If not, had I made a big mistake?

The car did indeed drive much better, handling with greater precision, tautness and feeling, whilst still being sufficiently compliant for road use. Chris stands by his work and said he would work with me to change the settings if the car wasn't delivering what I expected. I haven't visited the track yet but suspect that the only reason for going back will be to drop off my other car.

Sutton Yeung

R&D into synthetic activated carbon

This is my first Porsche. A 997 C2 2005 from a respected local independent dealer. Generally in good order, I spent a couple of weeks exploring the capabilities of the car, and my own. Experience from two wheels suggested a couple of possible issues but who to talk to. Centre Gravity was suggested by some motor trade contacts. Diagnosis following by fine set up - seemed logical. What I didnt expect was the absolute intensity of application by Pete who listened to my comments then managed to reproduce some of my issues on the road. Then he identified the rogue components, and produced a quote. We were now well after 3.00 pm so I expected to go away and rebook. Not a bit of it, someone was despatched to get the bits and Pete wheeled out the spanners. Come 7.00 pm, the bits are on and the magic machine is fired up to correctly align the chassis to my style of driving need so away went the front end wash out, away went the off side thrust under power (which when combined with a nearside bias for the front set up and a mismatched rear camber explained the oddball feedback through fast bumpy lefthanders) and the wheels were aligned to have the car drive straight. Result ? Transformed totally. The car now does what Porsche think it does out of the box - but it does it better. Outcome ? You now have to drive much faster into and through the wiggly bits to test either the car or your own bottle. Right now the car is winning. These two guys are specialist surgeons in an environment where the regular tools used by mechanics are a selection of different weight hammers and adjustable spanners. Cost ? Irrelevant really - you cant drive a Porsche unless it has been sorted by these guys. Cost is dependent upon what bits are knackered but the underlying cost is cheap for the insight, understanding and ability to sort it out. Others might make claims, these guys deliver and they go home once the job is done. Porsche could do worse than to push all their new cars through this shop to get them made road ready - or track ready if thats what you want.

Steve Batchelor
MAST Carbon International Ltd

R&D into synthetic activated carbon

This is my first Porsche. A 997 C2 2005 from a respected local independent dealer. Generally in good order, I spent a couple of weeks exploring the capabilities of the car, and my own. Experience from two wheels suggested a couple of possible issues but who to talk to. Centre Gravity was suggested by some motor trade contacts. Diagnosis following by fine set up - seemed logical. What I didnt expect was the absolute intensity of application by Pete who listened to my comments then managed to reproduce some of my issues on the road. Then he identified the rogue components, and produced a quote. We were now well after 3.00 pm so I expected to go away and rebook. Not a bit of it, someone was despatched to get the bits and Pete wheeled out the spanners. Come 7.00 pm, the bits are on and the magic machine is fired up to correctly align the chassis to my style of driving need so away went the front end wash out, away went the off side thrust under power (which when combined with a nearside bias for the front set up and a mismatched rear camber explained the oddball feedback through fast bumpy lefthanders) and the wheels were aligned to have the car drive straight. Result ? Transformed totally. The car now does what Porsche think it does out of the box - but it does it better. Outcome ? You now have to drive much faster into and through the wiggly bits to test either the car or your own bottle. Right now the car is winning. These two guys are specialist surgeons in an environment where the regular tools used by mechanics are a selection of different weight hammers and adjustable spanners. Cost ? Irrelevant really - you cant drive a Porsche unless it has been sorted by these guys. Cost is dependent upon what bits are knackered but the underlying cost is cheap for the insight, understanding and ability to sort it out. Others might make claims, these guys deliver and they go home once the job is done. Porsche could do worse than to push all their new cars through this shop to get them made road ready - or track ready if thats what you want.

Steve Batchelor
MAST Carbon International Ltd

Amazing service

I have not visited Centre Gravity. I have not paid Centre Gravity for any of their services. I do not even have a Porsche (unfortunately).
I do however have an unhappy V70 as my road car. Stumped as to why it should be behaving as it should I called Centre Gravity.
I spoke to Pete for nearly half an hour during which time he patiently listened to my tale of woe.
His authority and command of the subject came across very clearly. He gave me some excellent advice and described the painstaking approach Centre Gravity take for their Road Tune package.
Interestingly his advice was not to book in and spend my hard earned money but to pursue this with another respected company that had done some earlier basic work because it was the right thing to do. I have taken his advice and made some good progress.
I am very tempted and will at some point probably indulge in a Road Tune package. Indulge is probably the wrong word – this work is just plain sensible. To make any car safer, more economical in the long term and enjoyable to drive is something more people should do.
Thank you.

Mike Buckingham C Eng

Michael John Buckingham

The best of both worlds, comfort and fantastic handling.

Having thoroughly researched 911 suspension set-up companies via the various Porsche fora, there was only one choice to make; Center Gravity. I can confidently say that the company's reputation exists for good reason. This is my journey to perfection.

Being a wheelchair user, I required a car that could be both comfortable and sporty. When I first purchased the vehicle, I found that though road-holding and grip were excellent, it would understeer when pushed hard, particularly on tight corners. The comfort however was shocking, very jarring and 'crashy' on my bumpy local roads. I called CG, explained that I needed more front end grip along with a lot more comfort. Pete assured me that this could be achieved, so I booked my slot.

During the initial test drive undertaken by Peter Leason, he identified that the car was 'lovely for a 996Turbo' but agreed that the ride was harsh. He also picked a very slight rightward thrust under hard acceleration which I had not noticed. My car was then subjected to a very thorough inspection and set of measurements. Chris Franklin then decided on a spec which he felt would give me the comfort I needed but also make the car turn faster, along with making it's performance more accessible. This was phase one of the journey which I drove for 1200 miles. The transformation in ride quality was incredible: the car was literally twice as comfortable, absorbing bumps with ease but allowing huge liberties to be taken through twisty corners. But I still wanted more. I called the guys again and asked if I could have yet more front end bite, along with a little more rear end cornering grip whilst still retaining the comfort.

A second visit was planned, this time for some front wheel spacers, RSS engine mounts and some geometry tweaks. The end result was stunning! I had more bite on slow corner turn in, even less power on understeer than before and a car that felt like it had shed about 200 kilos in weight, all with only a tiny decrease in comfort. Perfect for my needs. If you have any suspension requirements, do not hesitate to call the good people at Center Gravity. I gave them a tough problem to solve, they duly delivered the answer.

Mike Parry

Excellent service, transformed my S2000.

When i bought my S2k i knew it would need a few things doing, but that was reflected in the price i paid for it and it's always nice to have things done right for peace of mind. Well it is for me anyway 🙂 It handled fine on smooth roads and at low speeds, but start to put your foot down and it was frightening, even worse show it a rough Yorkshire road and it wanted to join the sheep in the nearest field 🙁

So i had to fix it Asap as i wasn't enjoying driving it at all!! I started by changing the rear tyres to Bridgestone Potenzas in the right size and profile instead of the rain tyres fitted which weren't! Three new brake calipers were then replaced which improved things no end as one of the rears was sticking badly enough to make the alloy too hot to touch. Things were getting better with each change, but it still wasn't a good drive. My pals garage checked shocks and bushes and tried to move all the bolts for adjustments and found a few seized and a couple of bushes that needed replacing.

So i searched the S2Ki forums and the net for the best place for a geo setup and to do the work on the car. I found great reviews for Center Of Gravity down in Atherstone and whilst they weren't the cheapest they sounded the best. So i rang them and explained everything to Jayne, Chris's wife who impressed me straight away as she knew more about suspension than i did haha. I later spoke to Chris who expained what they would do and how my day with them would go so i asked for a quote and booked myself in.

The date couldn't come soon enough for me and i set off bright and early to get down to them for 8.30am. First thing was introductions and a welcome coffee then out for the iniial test drive with Chris who explained how the car should behave and what it was doing in reality. Then it was back for the health check where they measured everything from tread depths across the width of the tyre to damper tests. It was a comprehensive check and reassuring too as it's nice to know every problem would be addressed.

Various things were found apart from the seized bolts and bushes and Chris explained everything to me in an informative and easy to understand fashion which was a bonus as not only was my car being sorted but i was learning more about it too. I left him to cut bolts off and press new Powerflex bushes in where needed, while a local engineering firm made me a couple of spring seats to raise the rear ride height till i've saved enough for some coilovers.

I spent a while in the well appointed waiting area surfing the net and watching Top Gear till it was time for the Geo setup. Chris and Pete his right hand man set about my car with me helping by getting in the way and slowing them down answering my questions 🙂 Everything was set for fast A and B roads and to my driving preferences and then when it was done it was out for the final test drive.

Chris was driving again and showed how the changes had affected the car from the mornings run then it was my turn. What a revelation, it was a different car!!! I could push the back end and it simply dug in and gripped with fast bumpy roads now being a delight to drive down. I carved through a series of bends faster than i would have thought possible for someone of my mediocre driving skills, then turned round and did it faster the other way (staying within speed limits at all times though officer)

Happy days and even better when we got back to the workshop the actual price for the days work etc was nicely less than the quote due to Chris saving me cash when he could. I was there from 8.30am to 7.30pm and it was one of the highlights of my motoring life, learning new things, having a laugh and best of all getting a new driving experience from my S2K.

Highly recommended and i would like to thank Chris, Jayne and Pete for all their hard work and great customer service.

Mat Lodge

Professional, caring, relaxed, knowledgeable and genuinley nice people

Hi chaps and Jayne, sorry for the delay in putting together some feedback, due to work committments, after my session with you in at the end of May 2013.
It took me around two years to put together an appointment with you, I should have done it much earlier!
My car, a Porsche GT3 mk 2 was for me,was the best looking and capable car around that suited my needs.
After using the car, for several years, I was disappointed with the handling on all roads and surfaces, hence the visit to Center Gravity.
On arrival, I was given a comprehensive test drive incorperating all types of roads and surfaces to find any annomolies within the cars sphere of handling.
Returning to the workshop I was asked what I wanted from the car and what would be it's main uses.
After a lengthy discussion work started on the car, I was given the opportunity to watch and discuss at every stage of the set up and encouraged to ask any questions and view the work
Both my car and me were treated with the utmost respect and consideration throughout the day.
After a lengthy and comprehensive set up I was taken for a final road test over a slightly different course.
The difference was amazing , just driving out of the industrial estate I noticed a massive difference. The suspension worked!!
On the open road, the trend continued and the car was so much improved, it could have been a totally different car!!
I have driven a few miles in her since and the more I drive her the better and more confident I feel.
So, the upshot of this is:-
If you have a Porsche, or any other car for that matter, and you are dissatisfied with it's handling qualities, I can advise a trip to Center Gravity where Chris and his team will set your car up to your liking.
Trust me, it is money and time well spent.
I only wish I had done it sooner
From a very satisified customer.
Dave White

Dave White

Porsche 993 C2 It now just feels right

Posted here, with a few tweaks:



On 13 May 2013 15:41, Jon ** wrote:

Hi Jayne,


Sorry we didn't get to meet on Saturday. Many thanks to Pete and Chris for their brilliant work - I just wanted to pass on some feedback on the work you guys did and my journey to a great handling car.  If you'd like me to write a shorter version as a testimonial for your website focussing on just your work I'm happy to do so - just let me know.  I'll also post this on when I get a chance.



"Doesn't inspire confidence" is probably how I'd sum up the handling of my 993 C2 before its recent works - it understeered quite easily, was really nervous on poor road surfaces and tramlined badly to the point that when pressing on there were times I felt that I was holding on, rather than fully in control. I could never trust it to do exactly what I told it, even at normal speeds and especially at higher speed.


So, after seeing rave reviews of the Centre Gravity team's work I gave Chris Franklin a call, talked through the issues and booked in.  In the meantime, I was already booked in with Steve Bull to have the HT leads replaced, so while it was there asked them to have a quick once over of the suspension to check the fundamentals. The verdict - one dead shock and both front mounts were completely split!  After discussion with Steve, the shocks were all replaced with Koni FSD's and the front top mounts replaced.  As I had the car booked in with CG two weeks after this, I didn't have a geo done. The difference was already noticeable though, the ride was more compliant and direct, but it still tramlined a lot (not as badly as before though), understeered and just didn't feel right or confidence inspiring. So, off to CG....


Pete took the lead on a very thorough, controlled test drive and he checked all the aspects of the cars handling to assess it on various road surfaces, with a commentary of what he was looking for at each stage, relating it back to the components on the car.  Back to the workshop for the checks under the covers. Generally, it was in good mechanical shape, just a couple of inner tie rods needed. After a discussion of what I was looking for from the car, they did a corner weighting and geo in a meticulous, logical manner, where everything was explained in a way that worked for me. I enjoyed this as an educational experience if nothing else!  We went out for another test drive on the same route with Pete driving first to check everything was as expected and then over to me.


The end result - It's now everything I wanted: planted and confidence inspiring with neutral to gentle oversteer at the limit.  B roads are now an absolute blast!  After a great 150 mile cross country drive home I didn't want to stop. It now just feels right....


All the best, thanks for the great work!



Compliant, relaxed handling at last.

I brought my daily driver a bmw 330i to Chris as I was sick of its uncertain handling which meant I couldn't throw it around in the carefree manner I am used to. Chris asked me what I wanted from the car and delivered it by a painstaking attention to detail that you simply don't get at other alignment shops. The result is a predictable easy to drive car that I can drive fast without constant adjustment.

Roger Manvell

Fantastic service - car is now transformed!

I took my S2000 into CG to have the suspension bushes and geometry bolts de-seized/replaced/greased and to have the geometry set-up, as although I thought it wasn't far off I thought it could be better.

Before going into CG, the car would understeer a little and the back end would feel very light and unstable - I didn't have much confidence in the back end at all.

However now, it's a different car... No2D_5 understeer, it just grips and digs in, and the car feels so much more planted with no sign that the rear is going to let go. I've got so much more confidence in the car now, and it's now easier to drive with not trying to fight with the car and knowing that everything is as it should be.

Just want to say another thank you to Chris and Pete for their great service, for doing all the work the car and I wanted, and also for teaching me more about my car.

Andy Weston

Work Ethic and Enthusiasm Unmatched

I met Chris years ago when I first bought my Clio V6. It was literally dangerous handling. Seems the car had a Geo done by somebody before I bought it and had fairly messed it up because not only was it not accurate but the settings were far removed the standard settings.
Chris didn't know these cars as they are not common but before I arrived, to my surprise, he had already done a load of background research by logging onto the forum and also looked at Geo specs from members on there. He told me all this before I had chance to step out of the car upon arrival.
Chris spent 5 and a half hours setting the car up (including talking me through it every step of the way).
I previously had many a sporty car including a Porsche 993 C2S years ago so I understand how important a Geo is to a sportscar. Anybody thinking of getting their car to ride and handle correctly by taking it to ATS (or similar) to get the tracking done is gravely mistaken. Geo is a completely different thing.
The Beisbarth equipment and Chris's enthusiasm for accuracy will make your car far better than when it came out of the factory. A word of advice is that since Geo is not cheap then it is definitely best that if you are due to have any work done elsewhere on the car (like having the engine out for a major service for example) then get all that done first since this will throw out the Geo anyway. Getting the shocks, linkages and bushes etc are all checked before you book it in is obviously a good idea also. These are all things I am keeping in mind for myself as I am due to book my own car in for new suspension fitting and setting up. I'm hoping that I can just dump the car on Chris and he can do all the checking of bushes and linkages because these can be ordered by Chris at trade prices.

carl humberstone
antwerp diamonds ltd.


After spending 2 years doing bits and bobs to my r33 skyline gts-t I decided that it was time to sort out the geo set up. I spoke to endless people who made endless recommendations to the usualy 'tyre fitting' places. Ona day talking to a friend who is a enthusiast ic honda owner recommended centre gravity describing it as 'the best experience' he had. After a short visit I made a decision that this was the place and to book in. Arrived with my r33 and had a coffee of the morning and chris started to work on the car finding that the car was in good condition and treating my prized possession with an immense amount of respect. Chris found an issue with the rear hicas delete kit that had been fitted. The tierod ends were extremely worn, no issue though new rod ends ordered and I returned a week later to finish the set up. A nice rainy day greeted us but the setup continued, once finished it was out for the test drive.

Well how to describe the difference is difficult. The car now handles better in the wet than it used to in the dry. And there is only one word available to discribe the dry handling now, that word is EPIC.

Brilliant day, brilliant service and now a brilliant car. Many thanks to chris and the centre gravity team and next time I pop in I will try and remember the custard creams.

David Beech

A company that knows what they are doing!

For the first time the car finally deserves what it should and to finish off my forever tuning addiction! It was icing on the cake, the car feels great, much more balanced in terms of cornerning, braking and applying all those bhp to the road. But most importantly, These people really do know what they are doing and are passionate about there work explaining each individual step in full detail which is very rare from my own experience. Overall thanks for what you've done, It finally sits on four legs no matter how I move it 🙂

Kev Yu

First class service

2D_5I popped In today as I was passing, it's the first time I've met Chris & Jayne . Well what can I say, 100% customer service Chris even spared me 10 mins to road test my car and tell me the good or bad news! 1st class service, I can't wait to get it sorted now by someone who defiantly knows what he is doing 🙂 see you soon regards Mav

Keith Frankham

center gravity results

Public testimonal written by customer on forum;

......Ok just spent the day with Chris franklin getting the geo done on the 64 & I'm well happy as the 64 now drives 100% better like night and day, I had bump steer on the front from rs height -14 mm...oops & real heavy steering from to much camber on the front & missing washers on the new top mounts!! I found it real twitchy at high speed to so Chris drove it first to see what the car was doing and then spent the whole day sorting it all out..I wanted it set up for road not track as I'm prob only going to go one or to times a year so a fast road set up is what I went height +10 & even on the way home in the pissing rain and wind it felt supa stable & has transformed the car!!

Thank you Chris franklin

For full thread;



Porsche 964

"Probably the best geo in the world"

My RS60 has been transformed after an 8 hour Geo at the hands of Chris at Centre Gravity!

OK the Geo was actually SIX hours and removal of the sub frame to replace a damaged drumstick took two hours. That was a whole Saturday and the Geo cost the same price regardless of the time spent... Chris said he does not stop until the job is done - I am very impressed.

Here's a brief non-technical breakdown (I have only listed the key points but Chris did a lot more than this)...


1. Skittishness and instability at moderate speed on B roads
2. Bumpy ride on A roads regardless of PASM settings
3. Creaking in steering at slow speeds


Chris did a thorough analysis of the problems and general setup of the car, tyres etc with an initial test drive highlighting problems (such as understeer), then making adjustments, and taking the car out on another test drive to demonstrate the differences.

1. Chris identified small shavings on the front left tyre that were not present on the right. This was caused by a damaged inner rod that resulted in excessive play causing tyre wear. He replaced the rod and the play was eliminated.

2. The Geo was outside of Porsches tolerances by quite a margin - the front wheels were both pointing outwards, the rear right straight ahead, and the rear left inwards. Chris worked continuously making adjustments to the various settings to bring them within a range that works well for my A and B road driving. The settings are now within Porsches recommendations. In the post test drive he demonstrated that the understeer had been eliminated, the car followed the natural camber of the road (which it wasn't doing before), and the ride was much better (PASM button on and off). The latter has given me much more confidence when pushing on whereas I had to back off on tight twisty roads as the car was all over the place.

3. Chris identified the cause of the creaking to be stones at the bottom of the front right spring which he cleaned and lubricated. Creaking gone.

The car now drives better than it ever has after 35k miles and 3 years ownership. My problems have been solved and I can HIGHLY recommend Centre Gravity to all of you, as I was initially skeptical about what a Geo could do for my car but now am a firm believer after experiencing the results!

I took it to Silverstone yesterday, and although I didn't get to take it on the circuit, the RS60 behaved as predicted on the ice hill and kick plate just as the new Porsches do.

I am very happy.

Sorry for the link, hopefully it will give an insight into what Center gravity gives the Porsche owner who wants perfection;

Chris franklin


pb_upgrade_11A word to describe the approach to detail

Chris franklin

The before and after change in handling is amazing

This was the last chance saloon for my car that I have had a love hate relationship with over the last year.

First worn components were simply dispatched. Then a simple geometry and a wonderful test drive. I am hooked. I have a new car, safe stable and composed. Thank you.

Typical feedback received by Center gravity, although this is a fictional comment for test purposes.

Chris franklin

Hats off to Rhiannon of DigitalDotDesign

What a breath of fresh air! The website being constructed by Rhiannon is so good I would have no hesitation in making it live immediately. Despite half prepared material from ourselves, Rhiannon has dilligently reproduced a site that I am instantly proud of.
DigitalDotDeisgn's ethos marries ours to a Tee. They want to know how the organisation ticks, to undertsand the guiding principles and has a the ability to get the 'feel' within two cups of tea!
Please, please lets make this site live!
Warmest regards,
Chris Franklin
center gravity limited

Honda S2000

"Hi If you have a geo prob then get yourself down to see Chris and Jayne...They are what most of this country are missing,pride, service,customer care,and most of all they do the job right!! Please do not waste time and money on go faster stuff ,until you sort your suspension and geometry out first. Kind regard Burnie Nixon. ADI "
September 01, 2008


"I really cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that I took my car to centre gravity...I have a starlet gt turbo, and before it used to scrape horribly over every bump and manhole cover in the road...tearing the insides of the arches to pieces and on even a slightly bumpy road it felt like it wanted 2 kill you! I took my car to Chris and Jayne not expecting miracles, but a miracle is certainly what I car handles the road 500% better than before, and it now does not scrape and feels a million times better...the best modification my car will ever have...many thanks to centre gravity, the service is excellent and I would recommend them to absolutely anyone!!"
Rich Westwood
Midlands  |  Starlet owners club
September 14, 2008

Honda S2000

"I didn't want to post anything on here immediately after having the work done by Chris; I wanted to give it time for me to see how the car was at the track as well as on the road. Chris and Jayne are both meticulous when it comes to giving you what you really need and not what you thought you needed. Chris convinced me I didn't need the full adjustable coilover suspension that I had in mind at this stage of my driving development and thus cut his potential for easy profit. I listened and went along with Chris on this because it's very clear when you speak to him that he KNOWS what he's talking about and genuinely had my interests at heart. How refreshing is that? and how confidence inspiring. Chris comes across as being genuine and passionate about his work; You sense a real pride and dedication. The various issues I had with my cars handling (skitty-ness over broken surfaces being one) were all resolved and the cars ability to hold on under lateral G was increased dramatically. It's good to know that I can take my car to someone who has the knowledge, skills and experience to set it precisely how I want it set. Thanks Chris and Jayne."
Dan McGeoch (OldDogmeat)
The Mighty Yorkshire  |  S2KUK
October 12, 2008

993 TT

"It is a long way to Center Gravity from Devon but well worth organising. Chris and Jayne are both enthusiastic and friendly. I had been unhappy with the feel of my 993 tt for some time and Chris measured and reset everything. WOW! The car is so much more precise than before and more relaxing to drive. I have owned the car for 5 years and this is the third time I have had the alignment done. This is the first time I have felt it was money well spent. I highly recommend Center Gravity to anyone considering suspension work."
S Linnitt
Devon  |  PCGB
October 13, 2008

Porsche 911

"It's not nearly often enough that you meet people like Chris and Jane.Work ethic, genuine enthusiasm, communication and quality of work are without doubt the best i have ever come across. No-one bar Chris will be allowed to put a spanner to my car for any suspension work ever again. It's not a quick jaunt down the road from Glasgow, but it's a trip i'll be happy to do again and again because that's how good these people are. From the point of first contact, Chris was on the same wave length as me, he knew what i wanted from my car and how to make it do it...and boy did he succeed!!. Managed to take two full seconds off my best ever lap round knockhill straight out of the box and that's a huge difference. Car is more agile, more planted, can commit far sooner and so much more fun to drive. No more nagging wee worries at the back of your mind about whether or not your going to come out of that corner, you now know you will. Had a lot of work done the first time i visited, full suspension change and fully poly-bushed and of course the geo. Two days solid work and was even allowed to get involved so i knew exactly how much effort went in, but also learnt so much about how my car goes together. Left delighted and never stopped grinning any time i got in the car thereafter. Confidence inspiring is all i can say. A good 5 months later, one of the poly-bushes we had fitted started to squeak, no fault at all of center of gravity and i decided to take another trip south to get it looked at. What more testament can i give when all the bushes that were suspected to be squeaking (noise only, no play) were replaced free of charge. No charge for the new bushes, no charge for the considerable labour and no charge for another 2/3 hour geo. How often do you hear of that these days when the fault wasn't even something that Chris and Jane could do anything about. That's considerable outlay for something they had no control over and all in the name of customer service, and i didn't have to ask for the work to be done free of charge, it's what they decided themselves. Top top people, and a customer for life here. get your car into them, you will never regret it, in fact, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner"
Andy Cameron
Glasgow  |  911uk
October 26, 2008


"I decided to take my car to Center Gravity to have a fully geo setup including corner weighting post install of my Tein Superstreet Coilovers. What can I say? The handling of my car was transformed. So much more confidence inspiring both on the road and track, and the level of grip has been radically improved. Very impressed with my whole experience, from the initial email communication, the pre work consultation, the explanation of what was being done on the car and then onto the demo/test drive. I will certainly return again when I next need some tweeks or installation of additional components. Many thanks."
Grant Archer
Polesworth  |  TB-Developments
October 26, 2008


"Hi Chris, I felt I owed you a testimonial, as since you worked on my car I've driven nearly 2,000 miles including a UK track day and a trip to (and round, several times) the famous Nurburgring. The car is wonderful to drive (as you well know!). It is very confidence inspiring and when it is provoked to exceed the incredible new limits you managed to give it, it reacts predictably and controllably. Your work on my car flatters me, many people have been in it and commented how well it goes on road tyres. It is a joy to drive and to say what you did was 'transformational' is an understatment. I cannot recommend you highly enough to friends and stragglers like. Best of luck to you and Jayne with the ongoing business. Steve"
Worcestershire  |
November 09, 2008

Audi S6 Avant

"The job done on my car is hard to explain, but to say that I now like my car for the first time, you might think why did I buy it, but the one I test drove was much better than the way my mine used to drive. The car now drives much more like a small car, far more nimble, it does what you want it to and goes where you point it with confidence which is also felt through to me as the driver and with all this it feels much quicker. You are the Michael Schumacher of setup!!!!!! For anyone that drives an Audi with the usual understeer this setup is a must, I don’t take this car on to a track but it feels much better and far safer. I cannot find the words to say how good a job you’ve done but will always come to you for tweaks and complete setups if I change the car. "
R Mistry
Leicestershire  |  Audi S6 Avant
November 11, 2008


"Chris, to say you worked your magic on my car is an understatement. The MK5 GTI I thought was doing a great job until I bought it to you. You explained all the in depth settings that could be tweaked on the car, which I must say was very interesting, but the results were breath taking! So much more grip all round, especially the back end glued to the road! You somehow managed to dial out pretty much all the lift off oversteer and dial in soo much more grip! The car handles like a dream and has been round Mallory Park several times since you took it to this new level! No doubt I shall be coming back for some uprated suspension parts, wouldn't go anywhere else, simply because no one else shares the passion and commitment to delivering pure grip from 4 wheels. "
Umair Ansari
Solihull  |
November 20, 2008


Right, Centee Gravity...where do I start? Probably with Chris, brilliant bloke who knows everything there is to know about geometry and, more importantly, knows how to explain it without coming across as a patronizing bastard. If, like me, you hate being told stuff about your car that you think you should know, you'll understand 😉 The result on the road is that the car has now lost all its straight ahead fidgetting, and I now know what other people mean when they say their car feels “planted” when it comes to cornering. On the last ring trip it felt great, really grippy at the rear. Many thanks Chris...see you soon for poly bushes and Clubsports :)"
Adam Bence
Hampshire  |
November 27, 2008


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