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Center Gravity’s suspension and chassis tuning services cater for the enthusiast through to the professional driver.


We are a one-stop shop for any suspension related issues. Typically the services provided from our Atherstone workshop include:-

• 4 wheel laser alignment (using both Beissbarth Microline kit and Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD aligner)

• Ride height setting and correction for cars with adjustable coilovers

• Damper refurbishment (external source within the UK)

• Bump steer measuring and adjustment

• Corner weight balancing

• Torsion bar re-indexing for early Porsche 911, 356, 924, 944 and 968

• Porsche 993 Kinematic toe adjustment

• Data-logging using 2D equipment

• Suspension renewal and rebuilds including rebushing and damper upgrades

• Supply and fit of Bilstein HD, B6, B8, PSS9 and PSS10, and Damptronic upgrades

• Nitron Racing, Eibach and H&R suspension upgrades

• Steering gear accident damage evaluation and rectification

• Damper dynometer testing

• In-house Damper testing (New state of the art Beissbarth equipment)

Chassis Tuning

Chassis tuning techniques:- • Minimising weight transfer • Minimising bump-steer • Minimising roll-steer • Centre of gravity re-location • Corner weight distribution (cross weight ratios) • Roll-centre adjustment • Ride height adjustment • 4 wheel alignment geometry adjustment (camber, castor and toe) • Tyre pyrometry and tyre pressure monitoring

Club Supportclubsupport

Center Gravity have supported members of Porsche Club GB, TIPEC and Honda S2ki over the years, whilst also taking on clients of other clubs and race series in order to perfect their set-ups. Information is given freely, car setups retained in our extensive database, held and exchanged in order to give clients, both old and new extra information about their options. We make a point to support club annual events with our race-flat trailer being present at annual Porsche Club events from 2006. We are happy to provide technical input, seminars and stands at shows and have done each year for Porsche, TVR and Honda clubs.

Race Prep


This service focuses on the chassis suspension components, linkages, pivots, bearings, bushes, steering components in order to ensure optimum performance for performance, qualification and race. Center gravity offers highly sophisticated Intercomp corner weight balance, damper dynometer and Beissbarth 4 wheel alignment equipment to the race team, specialist or enthusiast for the competitive advantage and refined suspension settings without the massive investment. Most often cars need to be baselined before the start of the season, especially after out-season rebuilds and weight changes. Either at our workshop or at test shakedown days we establish damper, roll bar, ride height, geometry and corner weight settings to build upon for the rest of the season. Currently we are providing race preparation services to cars such as s2000’s and Nissan skylines that are currently competing in time attack challenges, clients that race in the Porsche club hill climb sprints and most recently we are providing services to a client racing in the Porsche Club championship. By arrangement, Chris can be on-call to consult with trackside when final adjustments are being made at test days and track days I order to improve or bug fix handling.

Trackday Supporttracksupport

A service aimed at circuit owners, track day operators, clubs and enthusiasts. The greatest benefit here is simple monitoring of tyre pressures and temperatures. Often handling is marred by incorrect pressures. Clinics are run to ensure that the correct hot pressures are derived for the best grip. This information is documented and can benefit both experienced and inexperienced individual and club drivers. We enjoy and support trackdays providing handling consultation for damper settings, roll bar settings and tyre pressures for individuals or groups of clients from the following:- • OpenpitLane forum - Porsche GT3, GT3RS, 993RS, 964RS • S2ki Honda forum - Honda S2000 • TIPEC Porsche ClubPorsche Club GB911 UK forum Center Gravity's mobile race marquee and race flat facility allow chassis checking, tyre changing and suspension geometry adjustments with technician support for monitoring and optimising tyre pressures and handling diagnostics (cause and effect) for track day participants. Intercomp tyre pressure and tyre/brake pyrometers are used to ensure safe and optimal pressures and suspension setups. Center Gravity hire out and fit 2D data-logging equipment which can be used in conjunction with driver training, car development and track days. Track day participants are then able to benefit from data collected (corner approach speeds, approach angle, braking, turn-in, vehicle suspension setup, tyre pressures), which improve the overall handling of their car adding confidence to their driving and enhancing their understanding of their cars. Additionally for clients with track optimised cars, a trailer transport service to and from event location is available, where geometry and suspension setup is not suitable for the road, thus saving on expensive tyre wear or the need to transport an extra set of road wheel and tyres.

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