Porsche 911 SC squeeking front suspension

I have a Porsche 911SC with a squeak which
sounds to be coming from the nearside front wheel. The car is a 1982 model and
has done 59800 miles from new (guaranteed). The car is in excellent condition
overall, Is the problem likely to be the anti roll bar bushes or the torsion
bar bushes? If so how much would it be to solve the problem – presumably by
replacing them. Incidentally, the squeak tends to go away when the underside of
the car gets wet.

Paul D.

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  1. Generally squeaking noises from suspension tends to metal ball joints and creaking rubber bushes. Squeaking is higher pitched. If definitely a squeak from the front suspension then metal balljoints suspected are track rod end, inner track rod (if turbo tie rod update fitted) and lower balljoint. The creaks (or bullfrog croak!) normally come from dry anti roll bar bushes made of rubber or polyurethane if upgraded.

    My experience though is that metallic points normally wear loose (so rattle on slow cobbled roads) and the culprit is more than likely torsion bar related. The torsion bar is carried within a tube of the A-arm which is isolated fore-aft with rubber bushes. The rearmost bush commonly deforms, wears through off centre allowing the torsion bar to touch the steering cross member or steel bush holder. New A-arm bushes available aftermarket like Elephant racing rubber, Superpro polyurethane, or Neatrix replacements. Easier to fit on the bench and best advice is to have geometry checked after replacement. Easy way to determine if the torsion bar is rubbing is to take it out of the A-arm and inspect. See very useful article from Dempsey;


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