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What is the process for booking my car in?

It is best to contact the team via email to discuss your needs or to book in, this ensures we can get all the relevant information on your requirements and your car in order for the process to be as easy and straightforward as possible. As soon as feasible, the office will contact you with an estimate for the work or more questions regarding your enquiry. If the enquiry requires special attention by the Technicians then the office team will be in touch notifying you of the options available or if indeed a telephone consultation is required/preferred.

If preferred, please do ring us on our Workshop number, our office team will be more than happy to talk you through options, or book you in for an appointment over the phone with a follow up confirmation email to follow.

Will you tell me the settings of my car?

Yes, of course. We provide you with both a before and after report of settings so you can see for yourself whats changed. We also de-brief all customers in order for them to understand why and what has changed, and for the customer to reapply the settings if they need to restore the settings before, either with ourselves or elsewhere. We also store all settings for every car ever set-up by ourselves in order to create a complete database, therefore if you lose your copy of settings and require them again, we have them on hand.

Can you organise new tyres to be fitted if my car requires them?

Yes, we can arrange that with great pleasure. We use Event mobile tyres who work closely to our quality standard and are reasonably priced. If this is required we would ask if you could notify us beforehand in order to gain the most efficiency.

What is kinematic toe?

Kinematic toe is a term related to the Porsche 993 rear suspension, it refers to the castor of the rear wheel which affects the rear steer or the stiffness of the rear steer response from the rear axle.

What is the difference between camber, castor and toe?

Toe is the most important, and is our priority as this affects the straight line stability and the feel and turn of the car. This is what mostly affects driver confidence. Static camber is required to present a tyre flat to the ground in cornering increasing grip. Castor gives stability to the front wheels at higher speeds, gives weight to the steering and self-centering, and also can be used to increase compound camber in turn (which is beneficial.)

Why do you put weight in the car before setting it up?

Porsche specification din720 a full tank, liquids, tools and spare if appropriate, however essentially some drivers (both track and road) are selfish and will only driver the car on their own. Due to tailoring to driver specification this enables us to precisely adjust and set-up.

Do you work Saturdays?

Yes, we do work Saturdays, however these are by special appointment only.

I’m not really sure what work will be required on my car, can I speak to someone about my options?

We are more than willing and will with pleasure talk you through your options and anything you don’t understand about the process of chassis tuning. Our Technicians will happily talk you through options and prices of work when available. Please note however, at busy periods our Technicians can be working long hours in order to finish customers’ cars, so please bear with us on this. We will always try and speak with you personally if required, whether through email or phone.

How often do I need a geometry?

This again is dependant very much on miles, usage and load. Typically we say if the driver loses confidence in the car’s handling once it has been set up, they hit a pot hole sufficient to break a wheel or tyre, notice significant tyre wear or suspension components failing, or indeed change the mode of use of the car e.g. changing the use from road car to track then they should have they geometry re-adjusted.

How long do dampers last, and will you advise me if mine need changing?

This is dependant very much on miles, usage and load. Typically one manufacturer will say 50k miles, whereas Porsche for 996 and 997 say 100k miles and for dedicated track cars, every couple of years.

What preparation is required and what should I bring with me for my appointment?

The car should have earned (if applicable) a worthy MOT, if possible for road cars, please come with a full tank of fuel. And the owner should also come with sandwiches (although we do have a café within 3 minutes walk!)

My other car isn’t a sports car, can you do that too?

For customers with other cars apart from Porsche, absolutely as we’d love for our customers to experience the same handling as sports-cars. However please enquire with our office team as to whether we can perform the same services in order to gain the same handling solutions.

What happens if I need parts on the day?

This varies between models and makes. A typical geometry takes around 4 hours, a full track set-up including ride-height adjustment, corner-weighting and geometry takes around 8 – 10 hours. Porsche 993’s typically take longer for a geometry due to kinematic toe adjustment whilst also making sure all adjustors are free, therefore it takes between 5 – 6 hours. Please note; if any bolts are seized or we find fault or damage with any suspension component this will require further attention to the car and will be charged at the hourly labour rate.

Can all cars be corner-weighted and balanced?

Yes, however those cars with adjustable spring platforms 964, 993, GT Cars and earlier torsion barred cars can be corner-weighted and balanced.

Why do I need corner weighting?

In short, it’s specified by Porsche for all cars 993 and earlier and also GT cars. Also, cars having new coilover suspension fitted irrespective of the above should be corner-weighted to ensure equal turn performance.

What is your labour rate?

Good question! Unlike many independent specialists we pride ourselves on being completely transparent in terms of costs.

Our labour rate is currently £95.00 including VAT per hour.

Will changing the tyres after the geo change the geometry settings?

No, changing the tyres after the geo is done regularly, the handling may change due to the tyres having to bed in, but no, essentially the settings will not change.

Do I need to change the tyres before I come?

Tyres need to be on average no more than 3mm difference in tread depth across an axle so it’s worth checking them before you come. The full benefit of the geo and the handling may not be fulfilled until the tyres are changed, therefore if you want the full benefit then yes, change the tyres before you come

What is your average lead time?

This depends on the season. We are renowned for having a long lead time, this however is not always correct. Typically it ranges between two and four weeks, in line with the motor race season, touring season, and our lovely british weather. Please get in contact with us through our enquiry form for any details and actual lead time.

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