Porsche 911 SC squeeking front suspension

I have a Porsche 911SC with a squeak which sounds to be coming from the nearside front wheel. The car is a 1982 model and has done 59800 miles from new (guaranteed). The car is in excellent condition overall, Is the problem likely to be the anti roll bar bushes or the torsion bar bushes? If so how much would it be to solve the problem – presumably by replacing more »

Understeer with a Porsche 997 GT3.1

Understeer with a Porsche 997 GT3.1

Porsche 997 GT3 understeer Question Details Your Question: Can   you tell me the best way to reduce understeer on a 997 GT3. I don’t want   oversteer, nor understeer, just right Your   Name: Example   Porasche 997 GT3 owner Your   Email:

Ask center gravity a question

Remember the teacher saying, ‘don’t be shy, somebody else may want to ask the same question as you’. This section is provided to allow anybody with a suspension or handling related question in public view and for the cg team to provide a honest and clear answer. We also allow people with ideas to chime in on questions and provide their own answers. center gravity will monitor these to ensure more »