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center gravity want to have a bit of fun and give surprise treats with random offers in the run up to Christmas!

Although we know suspension terms aren’t all that exciting, the pretty cars that we tinker with make it all easier!

8th December Techno Nugget 1: Winter Tyres

The outside temperature gauge is showing less than 10degrees Celsius, both morning and night of late. Reversing off the drive on cold mornings we get a ‘chug-chug’ from the Boxster’s front wheels on lock. Turning out of the junction we get a christmassy stability light flicker oops!

Time to change to the winter tyres! The N rated Goodyear Asymetric 2’s are ‘all season tyres’ and have started to give us some fruity moments driving hard across country (albeit within legal limits) due to the reduction of elasticity at and below 7 degrees Celsius. The tyres have also become very noisy.

So as the tyres get harder at lower temperatures their performance – especially stopping distance increases by upto 12%. For example: travelling at 30mph normal and stopping in the middle of summer is a distance of 23 metres. At 5 degrees Celsius it would be near 26 metres! Oops that’s missed the zebra crossing.

Winter tyres are designed for safety at lower temperatures. They have special rubber compounds and a design to remain soft and elastic with cuts or sipes in their tread blocks to help them squirm and rid themselves of compacted snow. They come normally with more than 7mm tread block depth so are so very good at getting rid of the contact patch of water.

When warm winter tyres gives the driver the feeling of dancing in Doc Martins and do make noises more reminiscent of smokey and the bandit car chase. Again keep an eye on temperatures, usually end of February is the time to change back to all seasons.

Most Porsche are used daily especially through the winter when other super cars are tucked up snug.  We especially enjoy winter tyres not only because of performance but also the extra safety. Also a bonus is the increased comfort that us older folk require from our ride!

Snow is less treacherous too… When all the Mercedes and BMWs are beached in the light dusting of snow on a Monday morning we can get still off the drive and up the estate road winning the ‘you go next with a run up the hill game.’

A little anecdote a Porsche client mentioned once: ‘A Cayman with winters shared the deserted office car park with a Subaru Impreza. The snow fell lightly all day and at 4.00pm the staff were let go for the day to make the dangerous drive home.  The Subaru tried a run a ramp first: failed, failed, failed again. In the end…. the Cayman attached a tow rope to the Subaru and hauled it up the ramp!’

Thank you to Porshe AG for their winter tyre brochure and Pirelli for the technical.

Porsche Winter Tyres

Pirelli Winter Tyres


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