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Center Gravity is a small family run business consisting of Head Technician Chris Franklin, and Junior Technician Peter in the workshop, whilst wife Jayne and daughter Holly run the office, bookings, enquiries and ledgers. CG was founded in 2005, with our suspension tuning services beginning life on a flat-bed trailer which has extended out to all ends of the British Isles in order to provide a personal mobile suspension service. Whilst this service is still available ten years on, we now base our services at our workshop situated in the heart of the Midlands.

We aim to provide the best service tailored for our clients. This is reflected as the company has evolved to being a reputable name for chassis tuning services in the UK and Europe. Our passion translates into our dedication in attaining your car’s perfect point of balance, and we promise to achieve that perfection through optimised geometry settings, ride height settings or even through completely overhauling your car’s suspension.

Our Academy Workshop in Atherstone, Warwickshire, has been consciously designed to focus on both customer and car. The workshop's dedicated customer suite allows our customers to relax in pleasant surroundings yet have a truly interactive experience whilst the car enjoys scrupulous attention as soon as it pulls up outside.

No matter what your demands are, our objective is to meet and surpass them with every visit.

Whether you intend to stay with your car for the duration to enjoy a hands-on experience and widen your knowledge, or leave it and return back to a transformed car, we can provide accommodation details, courtesy car (charged at £25.00 + VAT per day) or lifts to the local train stations to accommodate your needs.

Details of how to find us can be found on our Contact page.

Our Facilities

The workshop's facilities have been designed to maximise efficiency and precision for all our services. Our technician’s technical knowledge incorporating physics and applied mathematics enable us to get as close to perfection as physically possible with our 4-wheel Beissbarth alignment kit, Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD alignment kit and Intercomp Corner-Weight scales.

A new addition to our workshop also includes an in-built Beissbarth damper tester, enabling us to dynamically exercise each of the 4 dampers whilst still on the car and report their efficiency against known benchmarks for the car. The customer can book this service if they have particular concerns over their damper efficiency (see our FAQ page). This service and report is included in our 'chassis tune' package as standard. Gone are the days of pushing down on the fender (wing in English parle). The damper tester is used also as a vibration plate to help us find those elusive knocks, rattles and squeaks.IMG_20150305_105058

The Center Gravity workshop is also furnished with the very best globally available tools and equipment thus ensuring quality and repeatable results;

  • Beissbarth Microline 4-wheel alignment kit
  • Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD 4-wheel alignment kit
  • Intercomp Corner-weighting equipment
  • Beissbarth in-built damper tester
  • 2D data-logging equipment
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