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center gravity: wheel alignment, geometry and chassis tuning services

For the enthusiast through to the professional driver

Founded in 2005, we concentrate solely on suspension. Perfect poise, balance, symmetry is our goal for sublime handling as designed. Wheel alignment, geometry, tracking, chassis tuning; all processes to give control.

Maintaining original factory specifications or tailoring and formulating set-ups enable us to offer a truly bespoke service for both customer and car. Whilst we deal primarily with Porsche, we are able to apply our knowledge and services to a myriad of high performance, sports and track cars, optimising and customising set-ups in order to rectify tyre wear issues, uncomfortable rides and erratic handling.

Ultimately, what we aim to achieve is for you to have confidence in your car and your driving.

We are truly passionate about what we do, and our fastidious attention to detail reflects this. Our personal service and enthusiasm for bringing out the best in your car’s performance is what truly sets us apart from competitors, as we are genuinely dedicated in attaining handling solutions for your car through personalised geometry set-ups to full suspension upgrades.

If you have any questions about what Center Gravity can do for you and your car, please email us at @ or call us on 01827 718800.

PLEASE EXCUSE OUR APPEARANCE: We are aware of issues with our website. Please bear with us as we build a new website expected Autumn 2021. Thank you! 

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